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Back to the First Edition of the Future.s of Money in Paris

On June 16 and 17 2022, the blockchain@X chair at Ecole Polytechnique organized a unique event in Paris: The Future.s of Money. Many experts and actors from the economic, financial, digital and research worlds gathered around conferences dealing with the future and the digitalisation of money, now accessible to all.

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Optimal Cryptocurrency Design : Seigniorage versus Transaction Fees | Blockchain@X

Optimal Cryptocurrency Design: Seigniorage versus Transaction Fees

This paper studies how transaction fees and seigniorage, equivalent to inflation in the cryptocurrency setting, affect miner incentives and trade congestion. Each cryptocurrency miner chooses how many new transactions to group into the next block of transactions that the miner competes to validate. The successful miner earns (i) transaction fees…

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Past Events

CBER Webinars

The inaugural theme-based webinar aims to bring together scholars to present their findings on the basic empirical patterns in the cryptocurrency space, covering ICOs, secondary markets, and manipulation and regulation.

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