Discover the team of the research center of Blockchain@X at Ecole Polytechnique, composed of researchers, de PH.D. students, and professionals.

Directors of the Research center

Research Director at Inria

Research Director at CNRS and Associate Professor in Economics at Ecole Polytechnique

Members of the Research Center

Yiyun Zheng from blockchain@X

PhD Student at École Polytechnique

Post-Doctoral Researcher at École Polytechnique – CREST

PhD Candidate in Digital Economics at École Polytechnique – CREST

Post-Doctoral Researcher at École Polytechnique – CREST

CNRS senior researcher and research Fellow at LIX-CNRS

Teacher-Researcher at École Polytechnique

Budget Manager at École Polytechnique

Affiliated members
of the Research center

Yackolley Amoussou Guenou | Blockchain@X

Researcher at CEA List and LIP6 (Sorbonne University)

Research Fellow at Institut Louis Bachelier

HEC, CNRS Research Director

Member of the Scientific Committee, Blockchain For Good – France

El Housni

Applied researcher at ConsenSys, PhD student at the Ecole Poytechnique


Full Professor Sorbonne University, Head of NPA team LIP6

Economist, PhD candidate at BPIfrance

Adil Hihi

Managing Consultant & Blockchain Lead, Capgemini Invent

Engin Iyidogan

Assistant Professor in Finance at SKEMA Business School

Blockchain & B2B platform Consultant, Capgemini

Linda Schilling | Blockchain@X

Linda Schilling

Assistant Professor for Finance, Olin Business School, Washington University St Louis

David Tercero-Lucas

Researcher in Digital Currencies (Cryptocurrencies & CBDC) and Monetary Economics Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Head of Laboratory at CEA LIST, University of Paris-Saclay


Sarah Bordage | Blockchain@X

Sarah Bordage

Postdoctoral Researcher – Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Formal PhD Student at École Polytechnique

Applied Researcher – Cryptography – ConsenSys Formal Post-Doctoral Researcher at École polytechnique


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