David Tercero-Lucas

Researcher in Digital Currencies (Cryptocurrencies & CBDC) and Monetary Economics - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Consultant at Lipis Advisors (Berlin, Germany).

David Tercero-Lucas is an affiliated member of the chair since 2021. Currently, he works as a consultant at Lipis Advisors in the fields of payments and CBDCs. He holds a PhD in Applied Economics by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He is actively researching and collaborating with the ECB and BIS.

Scientific papers

  • Tercero-Lucas, D. (2022). Central Bank Digital Currencies and Financial Stability in a Modern Monetary System, GEAR Working Paper (2022-01).
  • Auer, R. and Tercero-Lucas, D. (2021). Distrust or Speculation? The Socioeconomic Drivers of Cryptocurrency Investments, BIS Working Papers (951).
  • Fernández-Navia, T. Polo-Muro, E. and Tercero-Lucas, D. (2021), “Too Afraid to Vote? The Effects of COVID-19 on Voting Behaviour”, European Journal of Political Economy, 102012.
  • Tercero-Lucas, D. (2021). “Non-Standard Monetary Policies and Bank Profitability: The Case of Spain”, International Journal of Finance & Economics, 1-30.

Publications & Outlooks

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