Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
15 quai Anatole France
75007 Paris


From 06/16/2022 to 06/17/202

The Future(s) of Money

Chair event

A two-day workshop where academics, central bankers and industry experts will envision the future(s) of money.

Recordings of all the talks available HERE

Academia: Universities of Amsterdam, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Lausanne, Santa-Barbara, Toronto, HEC…
Central Banks: Bank for International Settlements, Banque de France, Bank of Canada, St. Louis Fed
Industry: Algorand, BNP, Caisse des dépôts et consignations, Capgemini, Euroclear, R3, Société Générale, StarkWare, Tezos…

Location : Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
15 Quai Anatole France 75007 Paris

The full program is available here


Thursday, June 16
09:00   Welcome
09:15    « Best before ? Expiring Central Bank Digital Currency and Loss Recovery »
Maarten van Oordt (VU Amsterdam)
« Central Bank Digital Currency and Banking: Macroeconomic Benefits of a Cash- Like Design »
Jonathan Chiu (Bank of Canada)
10:30   Break
10:45   Presentations of CBDC Infrastructures
Jack Fletcher (R3); Claudine Hurman (Banque de France); Andreas Park (University of Toronto
11:30   Roundtable on CBDC Infrastructures
Speakers: Jack Fletcher, Claudine Hurman, Andreas Park Moderator: Capgemini
12:15   Lunch
13:00  TBA – Linda Schilling (Olin Business School)
« How Central Bank Digital Currency Design Choices Impact Monetary Policy Pass-Through and Market Composition »
Rod Garratt (UCSB)
14:15   Break
14:30  « Central Bank Digital Currency and Quantitative Easing »
Martina Fraschini (University of Lausanne)
« Central Bank Digital Currency: When Price and Bank Stability Collide »
Harald Uhlig (University of Chicago)
15:45  Break
16:00 Roundtable on CBDC and Monetary Policy
Speakers: David Andolfatto (St. Louis Fed); Mathieu Bussière (Banque de France); Linda Schilling (Olin Business School)
Moderator: Rod Garratt (UCSB)
17:15  End of the first day

Friday, June 17
9:15   « Money Creation in Decentralised Finance »
Simon Mayer (University of Chicago)
« Lightning Network Economics: Channels »
Gur Huberman (Columbia University)
10:30  Break
10:45  Roundtable on Stable Coins and Institutional Adoption
Speakers: Jean-Marc Stenger (Société Générale); Philippe Laurensy (Euroclear)
Moderator: Nadia Filali, Caisse des dépôts et consignations
12:00   Lunch
12:45   « The Coming Battle of Digital Currencies »
Will Cong (Cornell University)
« Competing Digital Monies »
Jon Frost (BIS)
14:00   Break
14:15   « From Adam Smith to Nakamoto: A survey of (crypto)currency theories »
Bruno Biais (HEC)
« Policies for Digital Currency Innovation and Payment-System Disruption »
Darrell Duffie (Stanford University)
15:30   Break
15:45   Presentations of Public Blockchains as Payment Infrastructures
Tezos; Pietro Gassano (Algorand); Henri Lieutaud (Starkware)
16:30   Roundtable on Public Blockchains as Payment Infrastructures
Speakers: Tezos; Pietro Gassano; Henri Lieutaud (Starkware)
Moderator: Capgemini
17:15   End of the workshop



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