Nomadic Labs

Michel Mauny / Bruno Bernardo

Nomadic Labs is one of the largest research and development centers in the Tezos ecosystem. Based in Paris, it gathers more than 50 research engineers working on the development and evolution of the Tezos protocol. Nomadic Labs helps companies, institutions and manufacturers to use the Tezos blockchain for their business needs, by providing technical support in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

Nomadic Labs supports the Blockchain Chair as a way to strengthen its contribution to research in the scientific and economic fields that are at the heart of blockchain technologies and applications. As a Tezos technology provider, Nomadis Labs brings to the Chair its deep technological knowledge in order to contribute to the research and development of new financial tools and secure applications handling digital assets.

To learn more about Nomadic Labs:

Twitter account @LabosNomades.

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