Azam Soleimanian

Applied Researcher - Cryptography - ConsenSys Formal Post-Doctoral Researcher at École polytechnique

Scientific papers

Chair courses

Committee-based blockchains (as part of the Société Générale Blockchain Advanced Program for Banking and Capital Markets activities)

Publications & Outlooks

Multi-client Inner-product Functional Encryption in the Random-Oracle Model

Multi-client functional encryption (MCFE) is an extension of functional encryption (FE) in which the decryption procedure involves ciphertexts from multiple parties. In this paper, we consider MCFE...

2-Step Multi-client Quadratic Functional Encryption from Decentralized Function-Hiding Inner-Product

In this paper, we present a multi-client quadratic functional encryption (MCQFE) scheme from function-hiding inner-product (FHIP). The main challenge in such construction is that all the clients...

Double-Authentication-Preventing Signatures in the Standard Model

A double-authentication preventing signature(DAPS)scheme is a digital signature scheme equipped with a self-enforcement mechanism. Messages consist of an address and a payload component, and a signer...

Efficient Lattice-based Inner-product Functional Encryption

In the recent years, many research lines on Functional Encryption (FE) have been suggested and studied regarding the functionality, security, or efficiency. These studies include quadratic FE...


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