Daniel Augot

Research Director at Inria
Co-head of the Chair

Director of research at Inria (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control), he obtained a thesis in computer science in 1993 and the accreditation to direct research in 2007. He supervises doctoral and post-doctoral students at the École Polytechnique. With Julien Prat, he is responsible for the Blockchain and B2B platform chair, supported by CapGemini, NomadicLabs, and the Caisse des dépôts.

He supervised 13 PhD students in computer science. He is the coinventor of the FSB hash function.

Publications & Outlooks

Rollups: a Powerful Scaling Mechanism

One of the major challenges in the world of blockchains is that of scaling up, particularly in terms of throughput, i.e. the number of transactions per second. One way to increase throughput is to use...

Efficient Multivariate Low-Degree Tests via Interactive Oracle Proofs of Proximity for Polynomial Codes

In STARK-like zero -knowledge proofs, like those of the Starware company, the major algorithmic and mathematical breakthrough which enables such great performance in applications is the invention of...

Zero-knowledge: Trust and Privacy on an Industrial Scale

One of the main obstacles to the deployment of blockchains is the fact that the data managed on a blockchain is publicly accessible. This is unthinkable in the health or banking sectors, for example...

Practical Solutions to save Bitcoins applied to an Identity system proposal

In a recent work by Augot et al. (2017), a scheme is proposed to build an identity system on top of the Bitcoin network. However, this proposal incurs very high costs since Bitcoin transactions...


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