Louis Bertucci

Research Fellow at Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB)
Member of the Scientific Committee of the Blockchain For Good Association
Scientific Coordinator of the Finance and Insurance Reloaded (FaIR) program at ILB

Louis Bertucci is a researcher at Institut Louis Bachelier (Paris, France). He received a PhD in financial economics from the University of Paris-Dauphine in 2019. Since 2017, his work has been almost entirely focused on the fundamental analysis of blockchain protocols. His interests are in consensus protocols, decentralized payment networks, decentralized finance and other related topics. He has been teaching Blockchain Economics at Dauphine since 2020.

Scientific Papers

  • “How Resilient if the Bitcoin Protocol ?” (2022) (with Charles Bertucci, Jean-Michel Lasry and Pierre-Louis Lions) – working paper
  • “Mean Field Game Approach to Bitcoin Mining” (2020) (with Charles Bertucci, Jean-Michel Lasry and Pierre-Louis Lions) – working paper
  • Incentives on the Lightning Network: A Blockchain-based Payment Network (2020) – working paper
  • “Where do Blockchains Fit in the History of Financial Institutions?” (2020) – working paper

Chair Courses

Blockchain Economics, University of Paris-Dauphine, graduate level (master 297)

Blockchain Economics and Decentralized Finance, University of Paris-Dauphine, Research class, starting 2023 (master 104)

Publications & Outlooks

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance is a major innovation trend that is shaking the FinTech world. DeFi refers to a universe of financial applications that rely on blockchain technology to achieve decentralization...


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